Learning To Read

Key to learning to read is closely linked to being curious about reading!

You can awaken that curiosity and a love of reading in your child. Many parents want to teach their children to read simply because they know how fun it is; because they know that reading opens the door to an enormous world.

One way to get your child interested in reading is to read to them from birth; read with them for all sorts of reasons, have lots of books easily accessible and let them see you reading. If they think of themselves as a reader and know that books are fun, this is a great start.

Activities with books
The easiest way to get your child excited about reading is to show them how to use books to come up with great ideas.

Act it Out
Act out your favourite stories, adding extra vocabulary to increase understanding and interest. If your child has a good vocabulary, they will feel more confident later on, when they try to read difficult words they may not have seen in print before.

• Copy Cat
If someone makes something in a story or does some cooking, do the same thing together.


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Get the best of Drypers here!