Babies and sunshine don't go well together!

Babies under six months must not be exposed to the sun, at all. And don’t use sunblock until the baby is at least a year old. Babies should be put in the shade and kept out of the sun.

Babies and sunshine don’t go well together
Babies have a hard time adjusting their body temperature, so you really have to be careful with heat.
For example, never leave your baby sleeping in their pram in the hot sun. Sunlight can also cause sunburn, which can seriously damage your baby’s skin.
Never expose your baby to direct sunlight
It's best to avoid sunny places and be careful about indirect sunlight that reflects off water and sand – even off a white sun umbrella.
Be careful with sunscreen
Since your baby’s skin is immature you shouldn’t use sunscreen until your baby is at least one year old Instead, protect their skin with airy cotton clothes and keep them in the shade. It's a good idea to have a sunshade available.

If you're unsure about sunscreen, clothes and outdoor activities, talk to your nurse or doctor.