A few sleep tips for you and your baby!

Your baby is growing and can go for longer periods without food. Hopefully, this is reflected in their nighttime sleep patterns.
If not, we have a few sleep tips for you.
Hopefully, your baby is sleeping for increasingly longer periods at night. A total of 10 to 12 hours of sleep at night is the norm at this age, with two naps during the day.

You can stop breastfeeding at night
As time goes by, your baby has less of a need to feed at night. Generally, after about six months, if your baby’s weight is increasing as it should be, night feeding is no longer necessary nutritionally, although your child might not agree. It’s reassuring and comforting for them to feed at night, and that’s no problem if you have the energy.
If your baby has started solids, and perhaps is having more formula than breast milk, they may be sleeping longer at night.

At about eight months, your child may start sleeping less soundly. There’s a lot going on at this time in a baby’s life, which can affect sleeping patterns. There are just so many experiences and so much to get used to that the days aren’t long enough!
Putting baby to bed
If your baby has learnt that food and sleep are not related, and can fall asleep without a feed, you will get to sleep longer. So instead of falling into that milk coma… tuck your little one in with their teddy, say “night night” and let them fall asleep. Help them settle by stroking their back, comforting them, and staying close. Perhaps there will be a lot of protests, but it’s no punishment to be put down to sleep when you’re tired. You’re doing them a favour.

Yes, it’s often easier said than done. But if you are persistent, and stay nearby, it’s possible.