It's a myth that all babies love having a bath!

Some babies love having a bath, others don’t. But either way, this is how you do it.
It’s a myth that all babies love having a bath – some actually dislike it! Whether your baby loves bath-time or loathes it, make sure they’re well-fed and well-rested before you begin, so they have the best chance of enjoying it.

Here’s what you need:
• A bath! If you don’t have a dedicated baby bath, you can use the bathroom sink until you get one. Clean it before you bathe your baby.

• Facecloths, cotton wool, soft muslin cloths or cut-up old towels are useful.

• You will need a large towel, preferably made from very soft toweling.

• You may want to use baby shampoo on rare occasions but it is not necessary. You will also need a fine-toothed comb.
The temperature of the bath water
The temperature of the bathwater should be around 37 degrees C (body temperature). Use your elbow to check whether the temperature of the water feels right or buy a small bath thermometer.
Start with the head when giving a bath
This is how you might go about bathing your baby:

• Get everything ready before you put your baby in the bath.
• Keep a secure hold of the baby’s back when bathing him unless he is in a body-shaped bathtub.
• Wash his face, ears (behind his ears as well) and his neck.
• Lift his arms and wash his armpits.
• Rub his scalp with the palm of your hand. You could massage his scalp gently with some water. Lift his chin, and wash under his chin – and his neck.
• Wash his bottom last. If he has had a poo, you should wash his bottom before you start bathing him. Make sure you – very gently – get into the skin folds between his thighs and body.
• Use your hand or a facecloth to wash his back.
• Lift him out of the bath and dry him carefully – including all his skin folds – before dressing him.

A little exercise and some massage with a moisturiser would be good if you have the time and energy.